• Asiago, Rosemary, Olive Bread
    While this is not (in my opinion) a bread you would make sandwiches from, it is excellent! Perfect to go with soup or a salad. But, then I love all the flavors that go into this. Bread packed with bits of olive, onion, rosemary and cheese. How could we go wrong? This rates a 5 forks for ease-since it's not a yeast bread, even those of you afraid of bread can do this. And 5 forks for flavor. Thanks King Arthurs Flour for sharing this recipe with us.
  • Crumb Cake
    Julia Child would probably gasp, but I think this recipe had TOO MUCH BUTTER. The taste was divine, and I know I will be mixing almond, cinnamon and vanilla for some time to come, but the base of this never made it to a cake like state. Instead it was similar to a stiff custard. I may putter with it and try again as it was good and easy, but not a coffee CAKE. 4 forks for deliciosity 4 forks for ease
  • Potato Lasagna
    Absolutely YUM! We found this recipe in the Wisconsin Trails magazine as a Grand Prize winner. Bob's only complaint was -no sauce. But I thought the potatoes, spinach, Italian sausage, onions, garlic and multi cheese (ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan) was delightful. In fact I licked the spatula after putting away leftovers. Only issue was baking the potato slices- next time will plan this meal the day before. Ease 4 forks Deliciosity 5 forks
  • Stuffed Chicken Breast with Blue Cheese, Almonds and Apples
    The name says it all. Bob bought a huge chunk of Blue Cheese when at the Amish store, so thought this might be a good use. Was a nice New Year's dinner, but was just OK. Easy to make, especially if you have slivered almonds from Trader Joe in the freezer. We both enjoyed this, but decided not worth writing in the keep book. Ease-5 Deliciosity-3
  • Cheesy Beef And Rice Casserole
    How bad can dinner be with beef & cheese & rice? Bad enough that Bob said, " That was a waste of time and ingredients." But it could have been worse if I had used the reduced fat cheese the recipe called for. We both tried various methods to "jazz" this up, to no avail. Recipe is in the bin. Ease- 3 forks Deliciosity - 1 fork
  • Layered Pumpkin Torte
    Beautiful photo in the Milw. Journal-Sentinel of this dessert. I am not a pumpkin pie eater, but love the flavor, so tried this out. It WON'T be made again. Putz, Putz, Putz. Graham Cracker crust is easy, as is the cream cheese filling. But the pumpkin part is heat the filling, mix in unflavored gelatin. Next heat egg whites and sugar in double-boiler, then fold in and cool the whole thing. I think my biggest issue is only spice is cinnamon. Ease-2 forks Deliciosity-2 forks
  • Turkey, Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup
    Looking for a way to use those Thanksgiving leftovers? This recipe fits the bill nicely. Combine turkey stock, turkey, onions and celery, along with baked sweet potatoes, add in a bit of smoky bacon (we use Nueske's) and you have a lovely "On the 3rd day after Thanksgiving" meal. Combine with a roll and a bit of fruit salad (leftover Jello, maybe) and it's done. Ease- 4 forks (making the stock takes time, not hard) Delicious-4 forks (is something we will make again, definitely)

Fait Accompli 2010

  • Ribbed Socks-Jean-KnitPicks Essential
  • Seed Stitch Red Scarf-Charity-Lion Jiffy
  • Basketweave Red Scarf-Charity-Lion Vanna
  • Hedgerow Socks-Sue-Opal Dumbledore
  • Hedgerow Socks-Jean-Trekking Pro Natura
  • Rock & Weave Socks-Ann-Fortissima Ayers Rock
  • Watermelon Cardigan-Isabella-Madil Zaffiro
  • Watermelon Cardigan-Devin-Madil Zaffiro
  • Alligator Scarf-Bob-Patons Classic Wool
  • Bubble Wrap Socks-Jean-I Dyed Sock Blank
  • Chunky Red Cable Scarf-Charity-Lion Jiffy
  • Bubble Wrap Socks-Jean- Crazy Zauberball
  • Hedgerow Socks-Bob-Trekking XXL color 66

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